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Welkom Bloem van Damascus

Syrian Alzoubi can shine again in his own restaurant in Breda

About us

The tastiest Syrian dishes
Flower Van Damascus offers the tastiest Syrian recipes, with extensive experience we make our dishes completely by hand, from the dough to the toppings.

Our dishes are nice and light and incredibly airy. Together with the crispy exterior, this gives an irresistible bite. Taste it yourself!

Who are we

Bloem van Damascus is an attraction in an attraction, an impressive train tunnel in Breda, as a stopover (lunch) or as a terminal (dinner), this gastronomic journey will always stay with you.
In Bloem van Damascus we are constantly looking for that one dish that evokes a special memory or a lasting feeling of well-being. A boundless restaurant experience, for less we do not do it – every day.

Ibrahim Alzoubi

Ibrahim Alzoubi / chef

  • Ontbijt

    12.00 am 15.00 pm
  • Lunch

    12.00 am 14.00 pm
  • Avondeten

    12.00 am 22.00 pm
  • Nagerecht

    All Day

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Ondersteuning online